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We doubt that you have ever tasted an apple cider like Gopher Glen's cider. It is made only with our own fresh picked apples, that are by themselves loaded with flavor and aroma. The apples are pressed the old-fashioned way with racks and cheese cloths. We have added a new option. You may now purchase ultra-violet treated cider which will increase shelf life and prolong the natural aromas and flavor of our famous raw cider like we have been making for the past quarter century.

Apple cider is a healthful drink, rich in pectin's, minerals and particularly potassium and flavinoids. The cider can be served cold with club soda, or warmed with spices. (See several ideas below.)

Always keep cider refrigerated (like milk) or it will begin the fermentation process. At the beginning of this process there will be light bubbles and a tinge of alcohol. Further along, you will have strong cider, and finally, fermentation process (ending with apple cider vinegar).

If you want to keep the cider fresh for many months of enjoyment, pour off about a cup of cider to allow for expansion, and freeze the remainder in the original container.