Variety List
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These ripening dates are estimates of when each variety might be ripe enough to begin picking. Begining picking dates can vary by several weeks. This list is only a rough estimate of the time of month that picking may begin. Please check the red block on the "Home" page for what apples are currently available.
July (late)--Aug (mid) Gravenstein
Aug (early-mid) Mollie’s Delicious
Aug (early-mid) Burgundy
Aug (mid) Tohoku
Aug (mid) Mutsu (Crispin)
Sept (early) Empire
Sept (early) Gala
Sept (early-mid) Jonathan
Sept (mid) Jonadel
Sept(early-mid) Hawaii
Sept (mid-late) Bellflower
Sept (mid-late) Jonagold
Sept (late) Baldwin
Sept (mid) Red-Gold
Sept (mid-late) Jonalicious
Sept (mid-late) Criterion
Sept (mid-late) Golden Delicious
Sept (mid-late) Chieftan
Sept (late) Braeburn
Sept (late) Nittany (Gettysburg)
Sept (late) Red Delicious
Sept (late) Mohawk
Sept (late) Northern Spy
Sept (mid-late) Caville Blanc
Sept (late) Jonadel
Oct (early) Spitzenberg
Oct (early) Red Yorking
Oct (mid) Pippin
Oct (mid) Black Amish
Oct (mid) Splendor
Oct (mid) Winesap (Turley)
Oct (mid-late) Limbertwig
Oct (mid-late) Winesap (Stayman)
Oct (mid-late) Fuji
Oct (mid-late) Rome Beauty
Oct (late) Heaven Sent
Oct (late) Arkansas Black
Oct (late) Little Gem
Oct (late) Pink Lady
Oct (late) Chesapeake
Oct (late)-Nov (early) Granny Smith
Nov (early) Sundowner
Nov (early) Mary's Unknown
Nov (early-mid) Lady Williams